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Toscana Verde is a UK-based property location, maintenance and management company that specialises in properties in the Val di Lima area.

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We also offer a wide range of rental properties in the Bagni di Lucca area and in other parts of Tuscany.


Bagni di Lucca - Hotels

The following hotels are open throughout the year.

Bernabo' (***) Ponte a Serraglio (0583 805215)
Double room (two persons) with breakfast

Bridge (***) Ponte a Serraglio (0583 805324) Online booking
Double room (two persons) with breakfast

Corona (***) Ponte a Serraglio (0583 805151) Online booking
Half board (per person)
Full Board (per person)

Europa (***) Bagni di Lucca Villa (0583 805383)
Double room (per person)
Single room (per person)

Regina(***) Bagni di Lucca Villa (0583 805508)
Half board (per person)
Full Board (per person)

Antico Albergo Terme (***) Terme (0583 86034)

The following hotels are only open during the summer season:

Roma (*) Bagni di Lucca Villa (0583 87278)
Svizzero(**) Bagni di Lucca Villa (0583 805315)
Villa san Pio X (*) Bagni Caldi (0583 805221)


Piane di Fiume - about 2km east of Bagni di Lucca (0583 805751)

La Torre - above the town (0583 805297)