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Welcome to Bagni di Lucca


This site intended for the use of visitors and English-speaking residents to the Bagni di Lucca area. It provides information about Bagni di Lucca and the surrounding areas, including information about local shops and services to allow you to make the best use of your time in the area. We hope you find it useful!

About the area

The Val di Lima, the valley of the river Lima, is a beautiful green area of northern Tuscany located some 20km from the city of Lucca.

The main town of the region is Bagni di Lucca, a historic old spa with long-standing international connections. Bagni di Lucca is one of the largest mountain communities in Italy covering over 16,000 hectares with over 75% of the area covered with deciduous trees.

The town has three main centres, La Villa, the location of most of the shops and hotels, Fornoli, the more modern and most highly-populated area, and also the location of the railway station, and between these, Ponte a Serraglio at the site of an early bridge across the River Lima.

Scattered around these three main centres, in the valley and in the hills and mountains surrounding the town are villages such as Fabbriche, Astracaccio, Lugliano, Benabbio, Brandeglio, Casabasciana, Crasciana, Casoli, Lucchio, Graniola, Monte di Villa, Montefegatesi, San Cassiano, San Gemignano Gomberto, Longoio as well as many others.

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